Restore Process

Jeepster Jim specializes in 1948 – 1951 Jeepster frame off , concours restorations.

The process begins with a complete car that we own or has been brought to us for restoration. We start by completely disassembling the car all the way to the frame. The frame is sand blasted, primed and completely undercoated. All suspension parts, brakes, brake lines, fuel lines, wiring harness, etc., are rebuilt or replaced with new parts. Every nut, bolt and washer is either restored or replaced, tagged in inventory and ready for assembly.

The engine and transmission are then disassembled, inspected, rebuilt as needed and reassembled. It is then installed in the drive train and completely made operational for testing. Essentially, you could drive the chassis before the body is ever installed. During this process, the chrome is sent out to the chrome shop, which is typically a 10-week process. The top, interior and carpeting are ordered in to customer specs and installed by our staff.

The body, fenders, hood, grill, splash pans, steering column, etc., are bead blasted, repaired, primed and painted separately. The typical rust issues that all Jeepsters have are dealt with by removing the rusty area, replacing the steel and tig welding. We do not do body shop Bondo repairs.

After all of the repairs have been made and parts have been painted the Jeepster is reassembled and the carpeting and interior are installed.

All vehicles are test driven a minimum of 50 miles prior to leaving our shop to ensure that all systems are functioning properly.

Partial restorations, frame on body / paintwork and all aspects of mechanical and electrical repairs can be performed on your vehicle to your specifications.

Jeepster Jim would be happy to give you a quote on the restoration of your vehicle or restore your vehicle on a time and materials basis to your specifications.

The number of restored and restorable Jeepsters is rapidly dwindling. Even in these trying economic times, the investment realized in owning one of these wonderful cars is a fantastic opportunity.

A new project car for restoration.

A rolling chassis ready for disassembly.

Sand blasting strips the part to the bare metal removing all paint, rust, grease, etc.

The gray piece has just been sandblasted and is ready for primer and paint.

Component parts are reconditioned.

Rebuilt engine and transmission installed for test run.

The body and doors are in the process of being sandblasted.

The body receives three coats of primer.

Final preparation for painting.

All body parts are individually primed and painted.

Parts are painted and wait to be assembled.

The engine is completely tested and operational before the body is reassembled.

The painted body has just been reassembled on the chassis.

The car is now ready for interior.

The interior, top and chrome accents have been completed.

Jeepster Jim test drives the completed car to ensure that everything is working properly.