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Welcome to JeepsterJim.com. We are a full service, Jeepster Only, complete restoration facility. We specialize in 1948 - 1951 Willys Overland frame-off restoration of your Jeepster to include all aspects of a complete restoration. We can rebuild your engine, transmission, chassis, interior and all aspects of body work and paint. We can also do a partial restoration on any part of your Jeepster.

We typically have a minimum of three Jeepsters undergoing restoration in our facility and
maintain several parts cars for the hard to find items we need. We have a new, secure
30,0000 square foot facility located in Northeast Florida with a professional staff. You are
invited to tour our facility or call for more information.

We appreciate your business and thank you for choosing us to build your Jeepster.
We provide FREE ESTIMATES…give us a call.

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Jeepster sets world record
One of my Restored Jeepsters just set a world record on 4/9/16 when it sold at Barrett Jacksons Palm Beach sale for $55,000.00
I restored this Jeepster in 2013

Jeepsters in the news Watch the video